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Month: June 2010

Random Demand of the World: Note your publishing schedule!

In an effort to gain enough time and organization to get done what I need to, I’ve been deliberately trying to streamline my non-working time in an effort to get started faster and stay distracted less when I need to be productive. One of the things I’ve found to help with that is a Firefox plugin called Morning Coffee. Morning Coffee adds a button to Firefox’s toolbar that lets you display all the sites you typically hit in the morning in one click.

However, it’s smarter than that. You actually tell it when those sites publish new content (for example XKCD publishes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday), and it only opens the relevant pages one any given day. In theory, I can now get though my morning web-comics quicker and easier and perhaps add a few more sites to my hit list since I don’t have to even look at pages that aren’t being updated.

That said, I’ve never paid attention to when anybody publishes stuff. So when I went though to setup Morning Coffee, I ended up having to guess at what days most sites publish on based on faded and battered memories of days gone by. XKCD was the one exception that notably stood out, they note their publish dates right under the title. Thank you XKCD, you made my morning 0.0015% easier and 0.04024% more certain, and I appreciate that.